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Oct 09, 2018
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Last week, 02 customers across the UK found themselves without a network, causing havoc across the country. Sales Ambassadors UK based in Canary Wharf explain the problems caused and what 02 are doing to fix it. It’s 2018, phones are used for pretty much everything from maps, to business. When a network like 02 leaves their customers without the ability to call, or use the internet other than WiFi, it creates huge issues “at sales Ambassadors UK we have company tablets which our ambassadors use as part of their role every day, these tablets are on the 02 network which meant our business struggled as we couldn’t make sales or show customers any information” explained Matthew Galang, manager at Sales Ambassadors UK, London. 02 have 25 million customers, so a huge amount of customers were affected last week. Companies like UBER were included with many clients struggling to connect to drivers and being left in the rain waiting for an Uber for long amounts of time. Small business owners like those in the home beauty industry couldn’t reach clients for appointments, and people couldn’t contact family or those they needed. “Many people who had appointments, got lost, needed to contact family, book taxis, for example getting to a hospital, were all left stranded and so it was very frustrating for customers having no service almost all day, the last issue with 02’s network was in October for just 40 minutes, so this was a huge difference in terms of how long the network was down!” Said Zin Gobi, administrator at Sales Ambassadors UK. 02 have announced that for any customers affected on monthly contracts, will receive some reimbursement by January. “02 have stated that they will refund 2 days cost of service to customers affected to make up for the inconvenience, which should hopefully b a good apology for customers,, it’s nice to know that they are trying to amend the troubles caused” said Matthew Galang, manager at Sales Ambassadors UK. Were you affected by the network issues ? Or have something you would like to add? Let us know via email, or contact us through our website: