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The importance of time management at SAUK

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

SAUK believe that time is money.

The best way we maximise results at Sales Ambassadors UK is to be brutally honest about the activities that don’t directly contribute to the bottom line. So to organise tasks at SAUK, we use a simple structure as shown below.

Our brain works in compartments. So at SAUK we compartmentalise our tasks. There are 4 types of tasks that can be organised to maximise our time and create a record breaking sales company and achieve goals.

1. Important and Urgent tasks: Sales Ambassadors prioritise these tasks and do them immediately as they require the most attention. These may be the most uncomfortable tasks but they hold the most value. It is essential to maintain the strong foundations of your business so do the tasks you are uncomfortable with first and get it over with.

2. Important but not urgent tasks: The best game plan our Sales Ambassadors use for these tasks is to thoroughly plan how to attack these major tasks. As they are not urgent there is enough time to prepare in advance and ensure these tasks are carried out efficiently. Sales ambassadors find developing a framework to use to research prospects is another smart idea. Look for details that came in handy again and again. Once you know which data sources are most valuable, you can plan ahead immediately when the time comes to complete this task.

3. Urgent but not Important tasks: The smartest strategy our Sales Ambassadors use is to delegate these tasks. You must stop multitasking. When planning, Sales Ambassadors focus on one task at a time and carry out their tasks to the best of their ability. Studies clearly show that people can not do two or more things at once. Really, they're just quickly switching between tasks. This constant switching will dilute focus as it slows people down because their brains have to keep adjusting to different tasks. So assign and transfer your tasks where necessary.

4. Neither important nor urgent tasks: Sales Ambassadors all learn to say "no more" to the tasks that are irrelevant to them. You must eradicate tasks that require no importance nor urgency. It can be hard to stay focused when your wasting time with these distraction tasks. Sales Ambassadors find the most effective method to do this is to simply eliminate these tasks.

Sales Ambassadors are the future. This will lead to large to-do lists and a small amount of time to complete it. Sales Ambassadors can coach and train you to become an expert at managing time and how to become the sharpest sales ambassador. Visit our careers page now to find out more about opportunities for Sales Ambassadors.

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