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The effects of positive thinking.

What does this mean? How do we ensure we "Think Positive"?

Sales ambassadors have watched this video by Patrick Bet David, expert sales person from America who has a completely different twist to thinking positively:

To summarise, sales ambassadors can understand there are 4 steps to ensure positive thinking which can be expanded and utilised to improve customer services.

1. Anticipation: Asking your self what will happen as a result of an action or emotion if you continue doing something the same way.

2. Acceptance: People lie, numbers don't. If you're not happy with your results, then what strategy can you do as a sales ambassador, to change this?

3. Preparation: Putting a plan together on what needs to be done for a result to be created. This means thinking of the positive situations and even preparing for negative situations.

4. Implementation: Sales ambassadors believe this is key. Applying strategies bearing in mind the positive and negative but making sure you take action to providing the best customer services and creating the best positive mentality.

Sales Ambassadors UK are dedicated to putting themselves in the best situation to reach the highest results possible for our clients and creating the best customer experiences.

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