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Sales Coaching Tips

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Sales Coaching, properly executed, can have a profound impact on sales success. Sales Ambassadors UK provides high performance sales coaching involves learning how to create a coaching culture, assess skill gaps, develop coaching plans, observe calls, and follow a consistent sales coaching process. Sales Ambassadors UK have defined 3 training styles when building confidence in your next ambassador.

1. Build, build, build: This is when you constantly build someone's confidence no matter what; turning every mistake into a positive. Celebrating all the little wins is one way to bypass doubts and negativity, and help people stay motivated. The main aim is to not just to set goals and targets but to constantly give recognition to achievements to keep people going and reaching for more. It is a method used to build confidence, focus and motivate people to move forward with a purpose.

2. Break, break, break: This is the most direct and honest method of training. It focuses purely on developmental factors. It prioritises the improvement of weaker areas rather than highlighting an individuals comfort zone. Being told that you’ve "failed to meet expectations" or whatever negative feedback you may get from something isn't to shatter a persons confidence but rather the opposite. It is an instructional function of feedback to clarify roles and teach new behaviour. This method is an effective training strategy to achieve goals quickly and usually involves a promise of a reward to motivate.

3. Build, break, build: Involves a mixture of the two above, adopting a sandwich like structure. Starting by promoting a positive attribute of an individual followed by identifying a key area of improvement. The structure closes with yet another build up in confidence, motivating an individual to develop.

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