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8 Great Habits to follow for Sales Leadership and Management

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

All great sales leaders have great habits, think of them like breathing. Take a look at them below, I am sure you will agree that with practice, the below result creating appreciation, recognition and team harmony. This will shine through in management as honesty, integrity and leadership.

"Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail"

1. Great perspective

Our mood and attitude effects the way we wake up, walk, eat, greet people, end a conversation. Just being able to understand that how influences. We must understand the influence this carries on to the task, how it effects the people around us. its important to be present. we all have bad situations not bad days and that's the positive way to think. the task at hand is a goal and target it will reward you when focused on lets have a great perspective of the challenge at hand and attract great results and at least a little win.

2. Be on time

No brainer for leadership or respect, if your fashionably late become fashionably early. Lateness is the quickest way to scream with no words 'I don't care' even if thats not the case. Not trying to offend the fashionably late or anyone but have you ever been left waiting, it doesn't take more then 5 mins before a slight distaste of the person your meeting. Don't do it, no excuses.

3. Be prepared

Everyone's heard the saying 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail' what a beautiful way to explain goals objectives tasks , be incredibly organised with your day , weeks , months and years agenda. A great article on the health benefits on bustle from a less stress to sleep better. why do we ignore good advice, or is just a bad habit.

4.100% Effort

It is something you can control. If you don’t give 100% you can’t expect to get the maximum result. The example we like to use is called the vending machine. if it costs £1 for a bottle of your favourite drink and you stick in 99p, we can kick and scream and curse the vending machine but 1p is all it needs and hey presto your on your way. Manage your time and 100% effort should be a norm.

5. Work your task

Whether its working in action where you gain the results required or in the office where you get the information needed for personal development. Learn how to work in your environment and create an atmosphere. Surround yourself and your team with the individuals who are making money. The future of your business is the team you surround yourself with. It's about working smart not just hard.

6. Safeguarding your Attitude

Protect your attitude. Each “NO” brings you closer to a “YES”. We are all human, so it’s natural to lose your attitude on occasion; however, a true leader is one that can regain it quickly. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The key to getting your attitude back is to spend time with the best new people and to remember your step 7. In this business your attitude determines your success rather than skillset.

7. Your reasons to lead

What is your personal ambition and long-term goal? Usually based on Fame, Family, Finance or Freedom – or a combination of a few. Learn how to set and achieve goals for yourself and for your team. Promote and remind yourself of your vision and mission statement. Never forget why you are working so hard.

8. Take Control.

Of a person, situation, and a customer. Be proactive, professional, and productive.

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