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"Let me think about it"

Here are the facts 🚨⁉:

In 24 hours, most customers will forget 75% of what you just said.

Within 30 days, customers will forget 90% of what you said.

And the 10% that they do re call, 50% of that is incorrect.

So in essence, customers will recall 5% of the information accurately that you delivered.

Victor Antonio, American sales consultant breaks down the ever-disheartening words for sales people all over the world:

"Let me think about it".

Sales ambassadors learn a new response to this frustrating response. At Sales Ambassadors UK we want to remove some common excuses for customers not buying. We want to ensure every customer has a fair chance of making decisions towards buying our client product/s.

"People move on, so don't miss out on these opportunities."

Says Hicham Mouden, Manager at Sales Ambassadors UK

The reality behind, "Let me think about it"

either means customers are not interested OR (most likely) they’re interested but not sure.

Which is it ❓❔❓

In most scenarios

Customers are not sure because:

1. The product is not fit the customer’s needs

2. The functionality or features of the product do not meet the customer’s needs.

3. The finances are too much.

All of which will lead to very simple discussions and remove excuses for not buying.

Victor Antonio’s method is a very simple and proves there are smarter ways to approach situations. Have a look at the full video below: �

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