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Leadership Development

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Sales Ambassadors UK share 5 leadership areas which are important in developing your next sales leaders in sales.

1. Sales Targets: Effective goal setting is an essential habit to develop. The reason is simple - focus. Someone with a goal has a focused direction and their efforts go towards finding the best and most efficient route to get to the goal. To develop a leader in sales you must maintain consistent sales habits yourself and set expectations. You must measure their sales progress and improve on what you’re doing at the same time.

2. Image: This is key. What sort of image do you want a leader to have?

-Confidence: Good leaders are confident in their own abilities and the work of their team. They motivate and inspire others with their enthusiasm and passion. You want them to display positivity and commitment to projects and the company. Confidence in problem solving mean that challenges are overcome with grace, good humour and composure.

-Approachability: A leader should genuinely care about their team in order to be the most approachable person. They should enjoy the company of people and never view questions from their team members as irritating or irrelevant but rather as opportunities to support their team. Without empathy and without trust, leaders will never be able to get the best efforts from teams so they must take interest in their own guy's lives.

3. Environment: You want to ensure that your team have a healthy balance of fun within their working lives. When creating a leader they should learn to control the environment by creating positivity and more smiles within the workplace. Inspiring and motivating your team can only bring positivity which will bring out the best in everyone.

4. Public speaking and making an impact: An impact can be made in many forms. It could be in a big sales group in the form of public speaking, it could be a private one-on-one conversation, it could even be as simple as one line. The art of the conversation is a skill that needs to be developed and your initial response says a lot about your character. The aim is to develop a leader who can lead a conversation to a positive outcome.

5. Role of a leader and lead outs: Leadership is the ability to practically develop anyone at any stage on the key areas of sales. Naturally, you want to develop a leader who will be a great example of sales and therfore, be able to influence people and their behaviour in several ways. To develop this skill the easiest method is to set a clear vision when leading someone out; motivate team mates through out the day and guide them through the work process to build morale. If done successfully, a leader will be able to achieve the set goals and lead others towards achieving their goals too.

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