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Building Business Relationships

The reason this is so important is because the best relationship always wins - meaning that if you have the best relationship with people in your team you will influence them more. Ultimately, you will create a business with those who you make business partnerships with; so how do we create amazing relationships?

1-Spend one on one time with your guy. Yes, being in a group is amazing and brings a lot of energy however, it doesn’t allow you to have the greatest relationships with individuals. Only spending one on one time will allow you to know your guys and build a solid relationships with them. 

2-Show your guy new and exciting places. Don’t keep going to the same boring place that your guy already knows about take him to places he wants to see but never has and do things your guy wants to do it’s not about you but your guy.

3-go the extra mile make sure you attempt to Speak to their famaily friends partners. And make sure to have a heart to heart with your guy when you can it creates a lot of trust and loyalty. 

4-lastly show you care be their for them in everything no one cares how much you know until they no how much they care. So show them you genuinely care about them and show it . 

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