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5 incredibly simple sales tips backed by SCIENCE!

At Sales Ambassadors UK we are always researching new and improved ways to make sure we stay consistent in creating record breaking sales results. Here we will summarise a video we have watched recently regarding 5 incredibly simple sales tips backed by SCIENCE! - Tested by Sales Ambassadors UK!!!

1. Starting with a BANG!

Studies have shown that starting a conversation with a positive comment increases the chance of a person wanting to listen to what you have to say by 27%. At Sales Ambassadors UK we give great importance to starting each day and every conversation with 100% positive energy.

2. Don't Self Sabotage.

One of the biggest self sabotage for someone in sales would be speaking ill of a competitor, at Sales Ambassadors UK we just consider it absolutely illogical. Research has found something called "Spontaneous Trait Transference" which is a theory that says whenever you say bad things about someone else like they're 'unreliable' or of 'low quality', people can't help but put those same traits on you. The reason being, the brain just can't help but associate your gossip with you.

3. Use Positive Labels.

Research shows that when you assign someone with a positive label, for example having high intelligence or being a good person, it pshycoligically makes the person believe they must live up to their label. One study including a fundraiser leaving their average donors saying that they are amongst the highest donors, then those donors started donating above average. At Sales Ambassadors UK we make sure we give out clients and potential customers genuinely good labels because we do in fact, live up to our positive labels. Positive truths always over rule being fake or manipulative as people can see through your lies.

4. Use your Body

There are countless studies that show that 93% of communication is non verbal. Where only 7% is words, 38% is facial expression and 55% is body language. An effective sales person uses "Power" body language which increases their sales ability by 56% according to research.

5. End with a HIGH

Doctors have found that ending something with a positive experience makes people recall their overall experience in positivity. This can certainly be applied to sales. At Sales Ambassadors UK we always end every day and every conversation in positivity. As a result we have had countless feedback from customers and clients about having a pleasant experience.

We hope this has been a useful read. In order to practice what we preach and end in a high note, Sales Ambassadors UK are actually recruiting right NOW!

Have a look at our website now:

"The science people" video

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