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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions, anything not on the list please do not to hesitate to email in 

 01  How can your services help my business in sales?

Sales Ambassadors do not only just represent your brand and create new customer sales; we can also train your current staff, develop team leadership and management. We can also build or help you build, design, recruit, train and develop a sales pipeline from scratch. We have over 25 years sales experience in the field and industry, backed up with over 50 years experience in operations and implementation. Please call our office and book a free consultation and see the multiple ways in which we can help grow you business and how we can help you.




 02  How long does in take to set up a sales campaign?

It varies between campaign to campaign. Three initial variables and questions exist for us to start a campaign: sales capacity, talent recruitment, development and training. All time scales are planned and organised and your bespoke service is provided. Depending on these variables it can be as fast as 7 days before you see your first client or customer.

 03  How much will it cost me?

As everything is bespoke we will tailor our services to your business. Our clients receive 10 fold on average from sales, brand awareness, advertising and promotions of their brand. We do not just create sales, we create consistency and longerity.

 04  How can I work for Sales Ambassadors UK

Please apply on our careers page for any open vacancies roles activity pop up. We are always actively recruiting from independent sales agents all the way to senior sales and management staff. 




 05  My business is not located in London can you work for me?

Yes, we have national reach in the UK, and have nationwide sales campaigns likely running in vicinity near you. We can travel to you. We are located in Canary Wharf, London, we can bus, coach, fly or sail, whatever it takes to help. Just matters the way you like to carry out your business face to face or face call, phone or email, basically we are available when you need us, you can sit comfortably knowing that.

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